The Cuddly Quilt -- Specialized bedding made to cuddle

I have been obsessed with making rag quilts since I learned how to sew over 15 years ago. From there I have learned how to make many other things, but I always come back to the unique look that you get with a rag quilt.

I first opened my shop back in 2008, but it was a busy time and I had a part-time job out of the home as well as a small family. I decided to open it back up in the beginning of 2016 since the kids are getting a little bit older and I am able to stay at home now. We have 3 girls and a boy who run the show! My girls all love to dance and our little boy just turned 2.

I love being able to create custom pieces to help parents design their ideal nursery. Since everything I sell is handmade and usually made to order, it can all be customized to fit any color scheme or style. I hope you choose The Cuddly Quilt to design your baby's bedding.